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Is abortion in God's mind?

Children are a gift from God. The Bible des-cribes the fruit of the womb as a blessing. For this purpose God created man as male and female; with all the biological requi-rements that are necessary for the produc-tion of offspring. This should enable people to take responsibility for a little person born of their own flesh and blood and to raise them with love, care and joy accor-ding to God's will.

God can prevent pregnancy for certain reasons. Abortions of pregnancies inten-tionally caused by humans, on the other hand, are by no means in God's mind. Today's medical possibilities do not change this.

The primary meaning and purpose of sexua-lity is the procreation of life. Today, how-ever, sexual intercourse is primarily for sensual pleasure; without the idea of ​​cre-ation playing a role. You want the “good feeling” but not the responsibility that comes with having a child. Therefore, many people - especially young people - accept this risk without considering the conse-quences of their decisions.

Since God is our Creator, only He has the right to decide whether a person lives or dies. Contrary to what science and medi-cine claim, life begins at conception. God is the one who creates an embryo and breathes life into it. Since a child growing in the womb is already a living being in God's eyes, neither doctors nor the mother herself have the right to end the child's life on their own initiative. It doesn't mat-ter in the slightest how society thinks about it. It is equally irrelevant whether a state legally allows abortions.

Anyone who willfully aborts or has their child aborted is guilty of causing the death of a human being. In this context, the term "abortion" is an extremely trivializing euphemism for murder; in this case infanti-cide. In this respect, destroying life can and must never be justified as a "human right", as abortion supporters demand. Fur-thermore, there is no evidence to support the claim that a child is neither conscious nor capable of feeling pain before the se-venth month...


One of the arguments given as a justifica-tion for abortion is sexual abuse. Even if such an act is to be condemned in prin-ciple, it does not justify the murder of an unborn child. Even a medical prognosis that a birth could endanger the mother's life is not a reason to justify aborting the child. After all, God has the power to keep both the mother and her child alive and to protect them from harm to their health. The same applies if doctors predict an ill-ness or disability for the child in advance.

In addition, statistically speaking, only ve-ry few abortions are carried out due to rape, incest or for health reasons. In the vast majority of cases it is simply the fact that the parents do not want their child because it does not fit into their lives for various reasons. Financial factors often also play a role.

Some try to justify abortions with a sup-posed "parental right to self-determina-tion". But this argument is also not permis-sible, since it is not about the body of a per-son, but about an independent individual to whom God has given life. The fact that The way a child develops in its mother's body does not give her the right to decide on the life and death of her child. For God, the protection of unborn life takes prece-dence over the right of parents to self-determination.

Likewise, the mother's body does not belong to herself, but to God. In this respect, none of us are fundamentally entitled to do what we want with our bodies. Rather, eve-ry person bears responsibility for their bo-dy before God. In the same way, parents have responsibility for their child from the mo-ment of conception.

All expectant mothers and fathers should know that God wants to help them. With God at his side, man is able to overcome eve-ry challenge of this life. Because whoever trusts God and follows His commandments is never alone. This also applies to the edu-cation of children and young people. That is why affected parents who have previous-ly considered an abortion should definite-ly seek pastoral help in a Christian faith community. In this way they can be helped and a way can be found that benefits both the parents and their child. All those who have already had their child aborted must confess their guilt to God. Anyone who does this with a contrite heart can know that God forgives their sin.

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