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What does the Bible say about consumption from alcohol and drugs?

God created a wealth of things for human enjoyment and that were intended to be an expression of God's love for his creatures. God gave us humans different senses so that we can perceive and enjoy all the wonder-ful things that God has created.

But not everything that God created is used by humans according to its original pur-pose. This also applies to drugs and intoxica-ting substances, among other things. Over time, man has created various products that are harmful to his health and which keep many people, including more and more young people, addicted....

Most people use alcohol and drugs as a means to fill the ongoing inner emptiness in their lives - at least temporarily. The effects of most drugs lead to an addiction for ma-ny people, which very few people can over-come without outside help. In addition, countless people around the world die every year, sometimes in extremely painful ways, as a result of their excessive alcohol and drug consumption. For others, years of taking these substances cause irreparable physical and psychological damage. Added to this are the resulting health consequen-ces for children. The accident rate in road traffic, which can be attributed to in-creased alcohol consumption, is increasing dramatically....

The Bible says that our bodies are God's pro-perty and that we do not belong to our-selves. It follows that we humans bear res-ponsibility for our bodies, which we have from God, and therefore also for our health. By getting high on drugs, people risk sooner or later destroying their health and at the same time affecting the health of other people.

Furthermore, God has called us to a life of freedom. This means that God does not want us to depend on anything other than our Creator. This affects all areas of our lives. The Bible warns us to be sober and clear-headed so that we can examine whether what we are doing is in God's spirit or not. Excessive consumption of drugs and intoxi-cating substances can lead to a person no longer being able to control their behavior and decisions, or only being able to do so to a limited extent. As a result, he runs the risk of doing things that make him guilty before God and which can have serious consequen-ces for himself and others.

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beve-rages such as wine is not fundamentally a sin. But it can become a sin when the desire for alcohol becomes so strong that a per-son cannot resist it. In some cases, wine can also be beneficial for health. However, for the reasons mentioned above, it is advisable to drink alcohol in extremely small quanti-ties. Instead, everyone should drink enough fresh water every day.

A person who is connected to God does not need drugs. His joy in life comes from his re-lationship with God, which is more fulfil-ling than anything this world can offer us without God. In addition, God gives every-one who trusts him the strength to over-come any dependencies that make us unfree and permanently destroy us. This also ap-plies to alcohol and drugs. Those who trust God and rely on his word will find true freedom and a life that is fulfilled in every respect.

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