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The credibility of the

B i b l e

"The entirety of Your word is truth,

And every one of Your righteous

judgments endures forever."



(The Bible: Psalm 119, verse 160)     

The Bible is the true Word of God. It is God's revelation to us humans and gives us answers about who we are, where we come from and what the meaning and goal of our existence is. God speaks to us through the Bible by showing us who and how he is and what his intentions are for us humans (see: Living in freedom and peace).

 The Bible, consisting of the TaNaCH (Old Testament) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (New Testament) is the oldest book that exists on this earth. It has been carefully written down over the millennia by god-ly people and contemporary witnesses under the guidance of the Spirit of God. It finally ends with the last book of the New Tes-tament - the Revelation of Jesus Christ - which was recorded in the second cen-tury AD as an eschatological prophecy by the apostle John.

The Bible offers a variety of exciting and real testimonies and stories in which peo-ple impressively describe their experiences with God. It also contains divinely inspi-red teachings and wisdom to help us understand the purpose of our existence and show us the way to a truly fulfilling life in communion with God our Creator. That's why the Bible is also called the "Book of Life"  (see: Who is God?).

More than just a book

"Indeed I have spoken it; I will also

bring it to pass. I have purposed it;

I will also do it."



(The Bible: Isaiah chapter 46,verse 11)    




The Bible is the most frequently printed and at the same time the most read book in the world. In total, they are now avai-lable in 636 languages; the New Testament even in 1442 languages. The Bible consists of 66 individual books, which were writ-ten down over 1600 years by at least 40 different, God-inspired people of various epochs and social backgrounds. Together they result in a unified and completely coherent work.

Increasing archaeological excavations and discoveries confirm that various per-sons as well as kingdoms and structures mentioned in the Bible are not myths and legends but really existed and that all events recorded in the Scriptures actual-ly took place.

The Bible also contains around 6400 pro-phecies, of which over 3200 have been ful-filled with the greatest precision over a period of several millennia since it was written. The mathematical probability calculated in this connection for the exact occurrence of the biblical predic-tions far exceeds the human imagination.

"For the word of the Lord is right,

And all His work is done in truth."



(The Bible: Psalm 33, Verse 4)    



From the beginning, it was God's inten-tion to reveal himself and his plans to us humans, so that we can see that God exists and that his word is true. The countless attempts over the past centuries to des-troy the Bible and to suppress the divine truth it contains, which brings salvation to man-kind, could not prevent the word of God from being spread all over the world and from finding access to people's hearts to this day.

The numerous fulfilled prophecies are de-cisive evidence that the words of the Bible are completely reliable, both with regard to prophecies that have already come about and future prophecies that are still to be fulfilled.

Over hundreds of the biblical predictions from the Torah, Psalms and the prophetic books that have come true refer to Jesus Christ, the Savior of all human beings or-dained by God (see: Fulfilled prophecies about Jesus).

In addition, the crucifixion of Jesus is his-torically documented by various extra-biblical sources. Furthermore, the resur-rection of Jesus is the best attested event in the world (see video: The case of Christ).

​​The conclusion is:


No other book can convince with such a variety of outstanding and detailed testimonies and arguments regarding its credibility as God's Word - the Bible.

Above all, anyone who still doubts the truth of the Bible has the opportunity to ask God himself. Those who do this with

a sincere heart can certainly count on

an enlightening answer from God.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path."




(The Bible: Psalm 119, Verse 105)    



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