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Where does belief in other gods come from?

The Bible expressly testifies that there is only one true God, who is the Creator of all things. However, there are people in the world who worship many different "deities". God's Word gives us information about how the pagan po-lytheism came about and who is behind it.

The Bible explains that there is a visible world and a world that is invisible to us humans. This includes heavenly spirit beings who are called angels in the Bible. The job of angels is to serve God and also to help and protect us humans. In addition to the good angels, the Bible men-tions the existence of so-called fallen angels. These are angels who rebelled against God willingly and without cause. These include Sa-tan, who is also known as the devil. This Satan was not only the mastermind and leader of the rebellion in the heavenly world, but also the one who seduced the first people in para-dise to sin against their Creator and thus caused the fall of man, the dramatic conse-quences of which (such as suffering, illness , injustice and death) affect all of humanity to this day. The motive behind Satan's rebellion was solely pride and his desire to be equal to God. But Satan's attempt to dethrone God ulti-mately led to his own downfall...

The Bible explains that a third of all angels joined Satan's rebellion against God. The Bible describes these angels as demons and rulers of darkness who surround us and exert a tremen-dous influence on many people. Like Satan, they pretend to be good angels when in reality they have evil in mind.

In contrast to us humans, angels have super-natural powers that God wants them to use for good. A number of paranormal phenomena that occur all over the world and seem inex-plicable to many people can be traced back to the activity of angels or demons. In contrast to the angels who serve God, fallen angels abuse their power to entice people to do evil. They do this, among other things, by offering people access to supernatural experiences such as magic and fortune-telling as well as summoning the dead, even though God ex-pressly forbids such things, as these things take us away from God and can harm us and our fellow human beings massively.


Since God is our Creator, our worship belongs to none other than Him alone. However, Satan and his angels have sought to be worshiped by humans since the beginning. For this purpose they pose as gods. Today, millions of false dei-ties are worshiped around the world under different names. In ancient times, images were erected and sacrifices were made to these false gods, although demons were actually hidden behind them. The Bible describes this as idolatry, which in turn is a serious offense in God's eyes and can result in God's curse....

People who have knowingly or unknowingly worshiped other gods than the one true God in their previous lives can trust that God will forgive them if they turn away from their idols and consistently remove every trace of false worship from theirs Banish life. The same applies to the occult practices mentioned above. If the person in question is under a curse, it can also be broken through sincere repentance.

In addition, the power of demons is limited. This means that demons can only do as much as God allows. At the same time, God offers everyone who seeks help from Him protection from demons and their destructive influences. For God is greater and more powerful than any created being. Furthermore, God makes it clear to us in the Holy Scriptures that the devil and his angels, as well as all those who have joined his rebellion, will be judged and condemned forever. However, all those who turn to the true God by believing in Jesus Christ are absolved from the sentence of dam-nation and can look forward to the resur-rection to imperishable life in the future para-dise, where nothing and no one will disturb the fellowship between the people and their Creator again.


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