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christmas, Easter & Co.

"So then, if it is a question of food or drink, or any other thing, whatever you do, do all

to the glory of God."

(The Bible: 1 Corinthians chap. 10, verse 31)  

​There is neither a commandment nor a verse in the New Testamentoffered for believers to cele-brate festivals. The Bible only points out that everything a person does should be done for the glory of God. This also applies to celebrations that people celebrate. All the Jewish festivals that God commanded His people Israel and that are mentioned in the Old Testament had an imme-diate Betrain towards God or were related to Him.

However, God is not pleased with pagan festivals and celebrations, especially those which are dedicated to other “gods” (idols). Quite the opposite. When people celebrate festivals these days, they usually do so detached from God. The focus of the celebrations is often fun and amuse-ment, food and drink, and not infrequently immoral activities that in no way honor God, but rather dishonor him.

Some traditional holidays that are declared “Christian” today actually have pagan origins, contrary to what many people know. In addition, some customs, which on the surface may appear harmless to many, turn out to be satanic or oc-cult on closer inspection. Therefore they are not only in fundamental contradiction to God's will, but also pose a serious danger to people.


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