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What does it mean to fear God?

The commandment to fear God, which is mentioned in a number of places in the Bible, does not mean that we humans should have a crippling fear of God or that God is arbitrary in his actions. The fear of God means recog-nizing God as our creator and judge and respecting his commandments and ordinances that God has given us humans for our lives. This requires a humble heart; as well as the awareness that God is above us and that our life and destiny are totally dependent on God for every aspect.


On the other hand, God calls us to love him. Love for God is expressed by honoring God in our lives, in everything we say and do, and in obeying His commandments from the heart. The fear of God should help us human beings to behave in a way that is pleasing to God and in the interests of our fellow human beings. At the same time, it is to keep us from becoming proud and doing things that displease God and that could have negative consequences for our lives and the lives of others.


Anyone who loves God and acts according to his will does not need to be afraid of God in any way, since God basically only wants the best for every human being. And even when we do make mistakes, God graciously offers us to forgive our sins if we confess and sincerely repent for them. For God's purpose is not to judge us humans, but to help us learn from our mistakes and live in ways that are pleasing to Him and bring peace and joy to us and to others.

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