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Mental healing

"Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved:

for thou art my praise."


(The Bible: Jeremiah chapter 17, verse 14)   


There are various physical and mental illnesses in the world that affect a large number of people in all parts of the world. The number of people suf-fering from psychological problems is constantly increasing, particularly in western industrialized countries. In Germany it is now almost one in three; and the trend is increasing.

Psychological suffering is perceived as particular-ly stressful by those affected. They affect both mental and physical health and often affect all areas of people's lives. Since there is generally lit-tle social education and sensitivity in connec-tion with mental illnesses and friends and rela-tives are often overwhelmed, most of those af-fected suffer in silence and largely unnoticed by those around them. For many people, their un-successful struggles, some of which last for years, eventually lead to resignation and ultimately to a loss of courage to live. For quite a few of them they end in suicide....

While conventional medicine can only inadequa-tely explain and treat the causes of many mental disorders and other therapeutic methods devised by humans only help to a limited extent, the key to long-term health of the soul and psyche is to identify the real reasons for the development of these illnesses understand (see: The way to redemption).

Often it is primarily spiritual causes that lead to the development of mental illnesses. As a rule, all psychological disorders hide people's natural, yet often unfulfilled, desire for love, acceptance and security.

In reality, mental illnesses are just the consequences of a much deeper problem. This problem is related to the fundamental questions of our existence as hu-mans, especially who we are, where we come from and how we live. The search for the answer to these ques-tions inevitably leads us to God (see: Who is God?).

God is the true origin of our existence and the basis for a meaningful and fulfilling life. This also applies to a person's mental health (see: Living in freedom and peace).

The ten keys to mental healing are:


The true meaning of our existence is communion with God. Faith or trust in God directs our gaze away from ourselves and towards our Creator.

We no longer need to be determined by the fears and worries of everyday life, but can know that God guides us and takes care of us. Trust in God gives serenity and confidence.



Faith in Jesus gives hope; Hope for eternal life.

A hope that directs our gaze forward and helps

us neither to live mentally in the past nor to struggle with the present, but rather to look

into the future confidently. If we share our

hope, it can also give other people strength

and comfort and new courage to live.



Love directs our attention to the needs of others. Doing good brings joy and blessing, both to those around us and to ourselves. We can know that we are loved by God and can share the love that we experience from God every day with others.

When everyone thinks of their neighbor,

everyone is thought of.



True joy in life comes through fellowship with God and a life in harmony with His will. The joy

in God is so much more fulfilling than the many fleeting joys of this world could ever be. Joy gives serenity and protects against grief and sadness. Natural joy is healing for the heart and keeps body and mind permanently healthy.


Gratitude brings joy and satisfaction. Instead of complaining about unsatisfactory circumstances, we can thank God every day for the good and use challenges as an opportunity to learn something (e.g. kindness, patience, gratitude, trust in God, etc.). Those who are grateful do not feel any

lack. Anyone who still feels a lack can ask God

at any time and rely on God to fill any lack.


Confession of sins before God and people and sincere repentance for one's own guilt bring

true freedom and peace with God. Peace with God, in turn, gives inner peace. Making amends for wrongdoing can heal psychological wounds

and restore disturbed or broken relationships.


Forgiveness frees us internally from negative thoughts and desires for revenge, which in

turn burden our hearts and relationships.

At the same time, forgiveness is an important prerequisite for reconciliation and peace,

both internally and between people.


Nutrition has a fundamental influence on our health. The same applies to drugs and medication.

A diet rich in vital substances made from natural (unprocessed) foods and avoiding substances

that are harmful to health promotes physical

and mental performance, strengthens the

immune system and prevents many diseases.



Exercise, especially in nature, is good for you.

Daily walks in the fresh air strengthen the body, stimulate the mind, promote peace and relaxation and keep you permanently fit and healthy.

rest and nature

One of the most damaging environmental influences of our time is stress. Causes include hectic everyday life as well as noise and exhaust fumes. Artificial stimuli, especially in the context of daily media consumption (see computers, smartphones, etc.), also affect our health in

the short or long term. Peace and natural environmental stimuli, on the other hand, keep you healthy and promote mental well-being.

Some spiritual causes of the most common mental illnesses and the way to cure them will be explained in more detail below.





The measures recommended here do not replace medical treatment (if necessary).

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