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​Are Christians allowed to use violence?

This question is extremely explosive due to the current global political situation, particularly in connection with the con-flict between Russia and Ukraine. As in eve-rything else, in this question too, a Chris-tian is required to orientate himself on the commandments and example of his Lord Jesus Christ.

When Jesus was on earth, Israel was under Roman occupation. The Jews believed that their Messiah, whom God had promised them, would free them from the tyranny of the Romans. But even if Jesus had the opportunity, he didn't do it. For Jesus' mis-sion was not to free his people from the Romans, but to redeem them from their sins. For this is the true bondage of huma-nity. Jesus did this by calling people to turn from their evil ways to God and to respect His commandments. Furthermore, Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the people. Because only in this way was it pos-sible to atone for humanity's guilt, which in turn is the precondition for us humans to receive eternal life.

​​Jesus never commanded his disciples to re-bel against their occupiers or to take part in military conflicts in any way. On the contrary, Jesus pointed out that anyone who uses violence will certainly perish themselves. Because violence usually leads to more violence. The result is a seemingly endless spiral of violence and retaliation that ultimately plays into the hands of only a few who profit from war and the suffering of other people....

Wars between peoples are ultimately the result of humanity disregarding God and his commandments. However, Christians are not called to fight against people, even if they reject Jesus. Their mission is to proclaim the good news of the gospel so that people can be saved through faith in Jesus.

The use of violence to protect others or to defend “free democratic values” should not be confused with charity as Jesus taught it and should therefore be consis-tently rejected. Rather, Jesus calls belie-vers to endure injustice in love instead of defending themselves or trying to save their own lives or those of others through violence. In the event of immi-nent danger of war, Jesus recommends that his followers flee if God gives them the opportunity. But regardless of this, Christians should always be prepared to stand up for their faith with their lives.

Although Jesus had the power to save his life and destroy his adversaries, he wil-lingly endured the injustice that people did to him out of love, right up to his death on the cross. This love that Jesus showed toward his enemies serves as a mo-del for believers in their lives and ac-tions. In addition, Jesus knew that after his death God would raise him to immor-tal life, as prophesied in the Holy Scrip-tures about the Messiah. Likewise, anyone who sincerely follows Christ has the assu-rance that Jesus will give him Eternal life at his return. Therefore, Christians need neither fear death nor cling to their earthly life, which only lasts for a limited time. However, all people who die in war without having received forgiveness of their sins and eternal life through faith in Jesus will be lost forever....

The fact that some “churches” – then and now – call for war in the name of God and even bless soldiers contradicts the com-mandments of Jesus. Therefore, such a war will not be under God's blessing, regardless of who started it or how it ends. And only what God has blessed will actually be bles-sed. In addition, in wars, power-political or geo-strategic interests are in the fore-ground, and not the truth or God's will. Regardless of this, every Christian is called upon to create peace and help people affec-ted by need. The greatest help is for Chris-tians to tell other people the good news of Jesus' salvation so that everyone who ac-cepts it will be saved.

So instead of clinging to this fleeting life or taking part in military conflicts, the call to all people is to follow Jesus. Because only through faith in Jesus does every per-son have the chance to take part in the imperishable life in the world to come, where there will never be war again and where all people will live in peace forever.

Exodus 20,13

Matthew 26,52

John 10,17-18

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