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The way out of suffering



"I have no pleasure in the death

of the wicked; but that the wicked

turn from his way and live."

(The Bible: Ezekiel chapter 33, Verse 11)    


​​​God only wants the best for us from the beginning. Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, God regrets all the harm done to one another by people who ignore His will. But because God loves us humans and does not want us to have to suffer endlessly from the self-inflicted misery on this earth, he has created a way out for us through which we can be redeemed from the misery of this fallen world and the fate of death can become. Because even be-fore the creation of the world, God had a plan how he would free mankind from the power of Satan and restore the original peace between us and our creator and his creation. The key point of this plan of sal-vation is Jesus Christ, whom God has chosen to be the savior of all people (see: The way to redemption).


"But you know that he appeared

so that he might take away our sins.

And in him is no sin."

(The Bible: 1st John chapter 3, verse 5)   

Jesus, the Son of God, was also tempted by Satan in every possible way. However, through his love for God his Father and his firm and unshakable faith, Jesus suc-cessfully resisted the devil and his efforts to separate him from God to the last. In this way, Jesus defeated the devil and des-troyed his claims to power once and for all. At the same time, Jesus sealed Satan's downfall and confirmed that God is the true and rightful ruler of his creation.

Because Jesus did God's will and thus over-came the devil, God raised him from the dead. In addition, God gave Jesus all power and authority over all of God's creation in heaven and on earth and appointed him judge of all peoples.

​But Jesus' victory means much more. On the one hand, Jesus showed through his own life that every human being who is con-nected to God can overcome the devil and sin. On the other hand, Jesus brought about atonement for all human sins through his sinless life and his represen-tative death on the cross. This means that the sacrifice Jesus made for mankind is sufficient to redeem from guilt all people who convert to God. This in turn means that if we confess our sins and are wil-ling to live according to God's com-mandments, we have the promise that our sins are forgiven and that we have eter-nal life. This means that Jesus will raise all who convert to God upon his return to new and immortal life.

Finally, Jesus will pronounce a just judg-ment on all people who were not willing to heed God's call and change their lives and thus banish all evil from the world for all time. Then, after Satan and those who would not be reconciled to God are eliminated, God will transform this devas-tated planet into a new paradise where all who have accepted God's salvation can live in peace and security forever. With this, God gives us the hope of a future without suffering and without pain, in which everyone who wants can partici-pate. The way to this life is Jesus Christ. Whoever believes in him has eternal life (See: Who is Jesus Christ?).

​"The Lord is good, a strong hold

in the day of trouble; and he knows

them that trust in him."

(The bible: Nahum chapter 1, Verse 7)    

Although we are not entirely spared suf-fering and tribulation in this fallen world, anyone who trusts in God can find His protection and succor. And even when people die - partly through no fault of their own - God gives us comfort and con-fidence through the hope of resurrection from the dead and eternal life in the world to come, in which there will be peace and justice for all time.

The expectation of life in the world to come gives strength to endure the tem-porary suffering and injustice that we encounter in this world. Because God gives us the firm promise that in the end good will triumph and that God will forever eliminate evil and all the hardship that is associated with it.

Satan and his angels, who are currently still influencing events in this world to the detriment of people, will also meet their final, God-ordained end. Knowing full well that his time is up and that his judgment has already been passed, Satan is now trying with all his might in the time he has left to take as many people with him into the abyss as possible. On the other hand, God is constantly preparing ways for us humans to know the truth and be saved. In the midst of this struggle, every human being is asked to decide whom to follow: Jesus, the Son of God, who gives us eternal life? or Satan and his agenda that leads to eternal doom?

Through his personal decision, every hu-man being seals his own destiny.

While it may seem to some people that God would do nothing about the injustices of this world, the reality is that God is con-tinually calling us humans to repentance and carrying out His plan for our salva-tion with great patience complete (see: Timeline of Salvation History).

​God allows some suffering on earth so that we humans seek Him and understand where pride and egoism lead as a conse-quence of our life without God and the ignorance of his commandments and or-ders. On the other hand, this will reveal the full extent of the evil that Satan and all who have followed his path have brought upon this world. By this everyone should see that God is good and just, and Satan is a liar whose rebellion has brought nothing but suffering and chaos to God's creation. Then Satan's lies, with which he has deceived many and led them to evil, will also be known to all.

​​"Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man

his thoughts; Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon."

(The bible: Isaiah chapter 551, Verses 6-7)   

​​God is longingly waiting for us humans to turn back to our Creator and realize that everything we need for a happy and fulfilling life comes from HIM, that justice and lasting peace can only exist with God and that we only have a future through God. This also applies in these days in view of the current worldwide emergencies and in relation to everything that will happen on earth in the future until the end of this world time. Ultimately, everything that happens to us in this world - both good (whether prosperity, success, health or personal happiness) and bad (like suffering or illness) - should lead us to God and thus save us from final doom, to which a life without God inevitably leads.

So instead of blaming God for the suffe-ring in the world, we need to understand that our rebellion against our Creator is the real cause of the misery in our world and that God is really the way out of all our problems. At the same time, we must recognize that without God's help, fallen humanity is unable to pull itself out of its condition on its own, and that neither science, nor technology, nor anyone or anything else can prevent the downfall of mankind.

Only when we are willing to conform to God's will there will be peace and prospe-rity for all people; and only then war, po-verty and all injustice will come to an end. Thus, the only way to salvation is through each individual's personal repentance to their Creator. For all those who choose to take this step there is hope. For all others who refuse to give up rebellion against God and be reconciled with him, all hope is in vain.... (See: Life in Freedom and peace).

The all-important question is,

are we willing to listen to God

and change our lives?


​The Choice is ours.

    The Lord God speaks:

"Turn yourselves, and live ye."

(The Bible: Ezekiel chapter 33, Verse 11)    




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