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Why do Christians want to serve God?

Every Christian is aware that eternal life is a gift from God that no person can earn through their own achievements. On the contrary: the Bible makes it unmistakably clear that all people must die because the first people - Adam and Eve - sinned against God; with the result that every person be-came a sinner. This means that every person carries within himself the sinful tendencies of his ancestors, which sooner or later be-come more or less expressed in each person's life. For this reason, every human being is in need of redemption, since none of us can simply undo our sins before God or redeem ourselves, neither from our sinful condi-tion nor from the death that is the result of sin.

Christians understand the gift of eternal life as an expression and sign of God's im-measurable love and grace. And that is ulti-mately what faith is all about: a relationship with God that is based on mutual love be-tween us humans and our merciful Creator and Father. This in turn is the true meaning of our life and the basis for a happy and carefree life on earth. The knowledge of being loved and accepted by God and the experience of His love and goodness in one's own life is actually what gives all Chris-tians peace, strength and fulfillment. Life in the coming world is the continuation of this fellowship with God on a new earth that God promises to all who believe in Jesus. This gives Christians additional hope that one day suffering and death will be over forever.

For this reason, Christians enjoy sharing their hope and experiences with God with other people. When people who have pre-viously lived without God open their hearts to God and accept His Word, they can expe-rience that God exists and that everything what the Bible says with reference to God is true. At the same time, they can find out how meaningful and peace-making life with God is.

​The conclusion is: A Christian loves God be-cause he knows that he is loved by God as his child and because there is nothing more fulfilling for him in this world than a life in reconciled community with his Creator.

It is similar with regard to good works. Christians do good, not because they hope to one day be rewarded by God, but because they enjoy selflessly giving to others the love God bestows on them. Christians see lo-ving one another and doing good as the natural destiny of every human being. At the same time, Christians demonstrate their faith in this way. because true faith always produces good fruits in our lives.

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