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We are people of different nations and languages ​​who all have one thing in common:

Faith in the one living God, our love for this wonderful Creator and our hope for eternal life, that God has promised to all people through Jesus Christ.


We see ourselves as disciples of our risen Lord Jesus Christ we want to follow with full devotion. Each of us can tell his own personal story with God, how he has been able to experience God's love and grace in his life – sometimes in a miraculous way.


We regard the Bible as God's Word, which is also the basis of our common life. Through them we learn to understand God's will and to implement it in our lives every day. There we are free and independent of ecclesiastical dogma and tradition.


Our common heart is to reach people from

all over the world with God's life-giving message so that everyone has the opportunity to get to know God and thus find their true purpose in life.

At the same time, in this world that is getting darker and darker, we want to pass on the living hope of eternal life to the people, to which every human being is called by God through faith in Jesus.


Through this site we want to give the reader

the opportunity to find answers to various questions about God and the Christian faith.

The title of the website "Yios" (greek: "huios") means SON and stands for Jesus Christ,

whom the Bible reveals to us as the Son of God and who is at the center of the Good News

of the Gospel.

If you want to learn more about God and Jesus, if you are looking for help, need prayer or would like to be baptized, write to us.


You are welcome to write us here:



Thank you for your message!

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