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The apostle Paul explicitly states that God has not cast Israel out, but still sees Israel as his people. It simply means that God temporarily turned away from the Jews in order to make his salvation accessible to the Gentile peoples so that they too - like the Jews - could share in eternal life. Before Jesus ascended to heaven to be with God af-ter rising from the dead, he gathered with his disciples on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. At the end of this world, the Bible predicts, Jesus will return. His arrival will be over the same Mount of Olives. This shows that Israel or Jerusalem plays a decisive role in God's plan of salvation until the end. There are now more and more Jews who accept Jesus as their Messiah. These generally refer to themselves as Mes-sianic Jews.

The fact that today there is an Israeli state that, despite its small size, is as-serting itself against its Islamic oppo-nents is certainly due to God's provi-dence. There is no biblical justification for Muslims' hatred of Jews living in Israel and their claim to their terri-tory.


Why Jesus is more important

than Mohammed

1 - Jesus fulfilled more than 100 prophecies; Mohammed not a single one.

2 - Jesus had the power to perform countless unprecedented miracles; Not Mohammed.

3 - Jesus is the only person uniquely born

of a virgin; not Mohammed.


4 - According to the Bible and the Koran, Mohammed is dead and Jesus lives.

5 - In the Koran, the name of Jesus is mentioned more often than the name of Mohammed.

6 - According to the Bible and the Koran,

Jesus is with God in heaven; Mohammed not.

7 - Even Jesus' relatives are mentioned in the Koran, but Muhammad's relatives are not.

8 - The death and resurrection of Jesus were predicted in the Old Testament and credibly attested in the New Testament and various extra-biblical sources. However, there is no evidence to support the Qur'an's claim that Jesus was caught alive to God.

9 - Jesus was without sin; Mohammed not.

10 - God appointed Jesus as judge over all

people; not Mohammed. Also Mohammed's eternal fate depends on Jesus.


Fundamentally, the beliefs of Christians and Muslims are incompatible. Even though there are some similarities between the Koran and the Bible, the differences predominate in crucial questions - both theological and salvation-specific as well as practical life issues. It is impossible for Muslims to adapt Islam to other religions or the Christian faith. The only acceptable option for Muslims is for Christians to deny Jesus as their Lord and submit to the religious system of Islam, which the Bible specifically warns every believer against as tantamount to apostasy from God. So every person is faced with the decision of whose teaching they believe and who they want to follow: Mohammed or Jesus, the son of God.

Whoever asks God sincerely

will know the truth.

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