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W H A T    I F. . .





...there is a way out for all people's fears, worries and problems?


…there is the prospect of an

end of all adversity in this world?


there is hope for a world in where all people live together in peace; a world, where there is justice; where nobody suffers from want; and where neither suffering nor sickness nor pain

will ever be more; a world, where everybody

can enjoy life untroubled?



...there is someone whom we can trust without restriction and who gives our life

meaning and a solid foundation

that nothing can shake?

...there is someone who can completely satisfy the deep inner longing of every person for love, security a fulfilling life

in every respect?


...there is something higher

than what we can see with our eyes

or grasp with our minds?


...there is hope for a future

beyond this life?


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