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Does God love everyone?

Our life is neither a coincidence nor an ac-cident, but a gift from God. God created man as a counterpart to whom he can give all of his love. For this reason we can know for sure that we humans are fundamentally loved and wanted by God. God's plan for our lives was that we would remain forever connected in love with our Creator and live happily and in peace on earth. However, man decided to leave fellowship with God and go his own way, which led him and all of creation to destruc-tion....

But because God loves us humans, He offers us to be reconciled with Him. For this pur-pose, God sent his son Jesus, who died on the cross for the sins of all people and whom God raised from the dead. If we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and change our lives, God is willing to forgive us our sins, for which we humans deserve death accor-ding to God's law, and to give us eternal life. By giving his son Jesus to give our lives a future beyond death, God shows once again how much He loves us humans.

God does not love us humans because we are so lovable or because we deserve it. God loves us because love corresponds to God's deepest being. Furthermore, anyone who chooses to live with God can personally experience God's love and care every day. For God is faithful and cares for those who love him.

From the fact that God loves us humans, some conclude that how we live and behave does not matter to God. Some churches teach that anyone who confesses Jesus will be saved; regardless of his personal lifestyle. This fatal heresy is advocated by, among others, the so-called “Hyper Grace Move-ment”. However, this is based on a wrong understanding of God's love. Because as al-ready mentioned, God desires fellowship with us humans. However, a real relation-ship is never one-sided, but always starts from both sides. There is no doubt that God loves us humans. On the other hand, God wants us to love Him too. Love for God is shown in the willingness to accept God's commandments and orders and to do what God wants us to do; not reluctantly, but from the insight that God's will is complete-ly good. However, if we intentionally disre-gard God's commandments, we show that we neither know nor love God. A confession of faith alone has no value before God....

Although God wants all people to be saved, it is up to us whether we accept God's gift of reconciliation. Anyone who instead decides to continue on their own path without God is judging themselves and thus remaining ex-cluded from God's grace and eternal life. On the other hand, anyone who trusts God and follows his call will find Peace and can look forward to the imperishable life in the coming world.

God has done everything to show humanity that he loves us. Now it is up to us to res-pond to his love by saying “YES!” and allow-ing ourselves to be reconciled with God.

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