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What does the Bible say about music?


Hardly anything else inspires people as much as music these days. Whether on tele-vision, on the radio or on the Internet - almost nothing seems to work without music.

For many people, music is their greatest pas-sion, for some it is even their entire mea-ning in life. Young people in particular dream of one day being on stage as a music star. There are countless artists and bands around the world who want to express themselves musically and spread their mes-sages through music. Many of these musi-cians are promoted by so-called record companies, which in turn are part of a mas-sive music industry whose sole aim is to make the greatest possible financial profit. The marketing of the songs is supported by the advertising industry. The singers or mu-sicians, who usually only receive a frac-tion of the sales, often only serve as a means for the purpose for the producers.


To make their lifelong dream of a music career come true, some people are willing to do almost anything. But only a few mu-sicians achieve their big breakthrough. For most people, their musical success remains just a brief snapshot. Those who have ma-naged to make a name for themselves are celebrated by their fans as stars or icons; even after her death. They love being in the spotlight and being adored by their fans. Music concerts at which these stars per-form often resemble mass worship. How-ever, the Bible expressly warns that nothing and no one should be worshiped except God, our Creator.


There are countless musicians and rappers in the world who spread anti-God or even satanic content in their songs. The liste-ners are thereby consciously or uncon-sciously led to sinful behavior, thereby in-curring guilt before God. Singers like Jay Z or Micheal Jackson and singers like Lady Gaga or Beyonce have even obviously made a pact with the devil just to become famous.

But although these stars are world-famous and very wealthy, many of them are broken personalities. Quite a few suffer from de-pression and other psychological pro-blems. Some are even addicted to drugs and other intoxicants. For some well-known stars, their careers ended in suicide...

Instead of being a role model for other people, many stars stand out primarily be-cause of their immoral behavior. They are primarily measured by their musical suc-cess, their material possessions or their physical attractiveness, while their cha-racter and their social contribution to society play little role. Most of them lead an licentious and lavish lifestyle. Their often gigantic assets include, among other things, luxury cars and gigantic vil-las and, quite often, jets and yachts worth millions or even billions.


Before God, however, neither a person's wealth nor his reputation counts. Likewise, wealth cannot save its owner from death and God's judgment, to which an excessive lifestyle ultimately leads. Only faith in Jesus, the Son of God, can do this. Believing in Jesus also goes hand in hand with a God-fearing lifestyle, the fruits of which in-clude, among other things, generosity and frugality. For God is not only merciful and kind himself, but also delights in giving. So whoever is generous and shares his posses-sions with poor and needy people will be blessed by God. On the other hand, the Bible warns against setting your heart on mate-rial wealth or accumulating possessions just for yourself, as most rich people do. Because the greed for money and reputa-tion not only corrupts the heart, but also closes people's path to God and thus access to eternal life. Even the greatest success is of no use to a person if he misses the goal of his life and ends in eternal damnation...

In addition, God – as the Bible prophesies – will create a new earth. This means that this earth will perish in its current form. In this future world, which God promises to all who believe in Jesus, only His holy name will be sung and praised. However, all the names of the most successful musicians and bands in history and their musical works will disappear into insignificance; as if it had never existed. Neither their fame nor their memory endures; and even the biggest world hit will be forgotten for-ever....

Certain sounds and rhythms have an into-xicating effect on people – similar to drugs. This particularly applies to electro-nic dance music. The listeners are trans-ported into a kind of emotional ecstasy. The Bible, on the other hand, warns us to be sober at all times and not to let anything control us. Particularly in so-called cha-rismatic free churches, almost the entire service is accompanied by music. Many such events are more reminiscent of a concert than of a spiritual gathering of believers. It is often music that primarily attracts young people, while God's word plays a more minor role.

Constantly listening to music at high vo-lumes, especially through headphones or earplugs, overstimulates the senses and can result in long-term hearing damage. In addition, constant exposure to musical noise prevents the body and mind from calming down. The permanent inner ten-sion can, in turn, lead to far-reaching health problems. In addition, secular music distracts people from thinking about God and their own lives. For some, music serves as a means of enduring the desolation of their finite existence. But in reality, only God is able to permanently fill the inner emptiness in a person's heart. Therefore, mu-sic can in no way replace the relationship with God.


Music is a wonderful gift from God. Its true meaning is to sing about God with beau-tiful melodies and in this way to show ho-nor and recognition to our Creator, to whom every human being owes their life. All musical talents and gifts a person pos-sesses should serve this purpose. At the same time, we humans should and are allowed to enjoy the diverse musical sounds that God created. On the other hand, music that on-ly serves commerce and whose content contradicts God's commandments is ana-thema to God, misses its purpose and repre-sents a waste of one's own talents.

The Bible contains a large collection of psalms (prayers or poems) and spiritual songs that highlight God's name and his great deeds. Such music is pleasing to God and brings us humans closer to our Crea-tor.


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