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questions to think about

General questions


What are you living for?

Which meaning does your life have without God?

Is there such a thing like truth?

What makes you sure that death would be final?

If death is the end of life what remains of that what you do in life?


What do you have of living without God?

What is stopping you from believing in God?

Who or what tells you that your life would be better without God?


What is your image of God shaped by?

How do you know that the image you have of God, corresponds to the truth?

What if God is very different than you think?



Questions related to evolution


What do you have a conscience for?

Why are you able to love and to show compassion?

Where did you get the ability from to feel joy and gratitude?

What evolutionary sense have beauty and aesthetics?

Why are there men and women?

Does the fact that we don't see God prove that God doesn't exist?

Why do you believe in something like evolution when you've never observed it yourself before?

How likely is it that something as complex as the universe and the earth (with all that lives on it, including ourselves) came out of nothing without cause, by itself?




Questions about life


What are you building your life on?

How safe is what you build your life on?


Why do you live the way you live?

What do you let determine your thinking and action?

How do you know what is right or wrong, good or bad?

Who or what tells you that murder or theft is something bad?

If God does not exist, who has the right to determine what is right and what is wrong?

Why do you obey the laws of men but not the commandments of God?


What is your part in the need and the suffering in this world?

Where is pride, envy, jealousy, hatred etc. in your life?

Where do these attitudes come from?

How do you behave when bad thoughts come to you?

What makes you sure that your actions in life remain without consequences?

Instead of doubting God because of the suffering in the world, wouldn't it be wise to ask what the real cause for suffering is, why God allows suffering and what we humans should learn from it?




Questions related to the Church


When people who call themselves "believers" do evil, does it mean that God too is evil or bad?

If someone is doing harm in your name, should people think badly of you?

Do the crimes of the church say anything about God or not rather something about people?

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