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Who created God?

This question is based on the assumption that every effect must have a cause. Since every-thing created has a cause, it is concluded that God must also have a cause. However, this argument contains a crucial flaw in reasoning. For the assumption that every effect has a cause does not mean that God is an effect or that everything must necessa-rily have a cause. That the universe has a cause is shown, among other things, by the fact that there are parameters without which neither life could exist nor the uni-verse exist in its current form.. These parame-ters are space, time, matter and energy. Nei-ther can energy and matter create them-selves out of nothing, nor can individual elements assemble into a complex, functional system without an ordering force. God, on the other hand, consists of neither energy nor matter and is nevertheless real anda-live. ​

In addition, laws that are precisely coordina-ted mathematically and physically operate throughout the universe. This fine-tuning is what makes life possible. This circumstance al-so clearly shows the existence of a higher po-wer, which has determined and coordinated all parameters and laws. Consequently, God himself as the cause must stand above every-thing and exist independently of space, time, matter and all scientific laws. In contrast to the created universe and us humans, God is not conditioned by any external factors or limited by anything; neither through space nor time nor anything else. God exists by him-self. If there were something that limited God, he would not be God. The cause-effect princi-ple cannot therefore be transferred to God.


Because of his intelligence, man believes that he can explain God. The truth, however, is that there are things that are beyond our comprehension. The assumption that God - the creator of the universe - can be under-stood or explained with our limited mind is absurd and presumptuous at the same time. The purpose of our lives is not to explain God, but to love Him and live according to His plan for our lives. This is the true knowledge of God and at the same time the basis for peace, freedom and lasting happiness.


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