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Is suicide a sin?

Our life is a wonderful and precious gift from God. From the beginning, it was God's will that we humans could live happily and without fear or worry on this earth. How-ever, God never intended us humans to suffer. The current state of the world, which bur-dens all of humanity, is the result of our existence without God. Fear, depression and a lack of prospects are causing more and more people in our society to take their own lives because they see no way out of their worries and needs and neither see any meaning nor hope for their existence. Even therapy often doesn't help those affected....

Since our life comes from God, we do not belong to ourselves. For this reason, only God can and may determine the length of our life. Therefore, no person has the right to end their life on their own initiative. In this respect, suicide is a sin; moreover, a sin for which there is no forgiveness because it cannot be repented of, since the decision to end one's own life is irrevocable....

People who take their own lives also deprive themselves of the opportunity to be helped. Even though suicide seems like a way out to many, in reality there is no need to take this step. Instead, it is important to understand that we can only find peace and true happi-ness in life in a relationship with our Creator and that the solution to all our problems lies with God. Communion with God, our Creator and Heavenly Father, eliminates the emptiness and desolation of our existence and gives our lives meaning and perspective; even after death.

No matter how hopeless a person's life situa-tion may seem, God can and wants to help every person who turns to Him. Anyone who is willing to accept God's help and follow His Word will experience how God changes their life and fills their heart with His indescri-bable peace, which is higher than anything we know.

While in society people with depression and suicidal thoughts are often ignored and largely left to their own devices and thera-py places are difficult to obtain, in a Chris-tian community they can count on free help and support at any time. At the same time, everyone who decides to live with Jesus will find a new family here. In the community, be-lieving people can encourage and streng-then each other and share their worries and joys with one another. In this way they can help each other bear the burdens of this life.

​Moreover, God gives us His promise that one day all suffering in this transitory world will come to an end. Then, after God has re-newed this shattered earth and freed it from all evil, true and imperishable life begins in eternal joy and harmony, in which everyone who accepts God's invitation can take part.

Whoever trusts in God therefore

has every reason for hope.

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