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Do the redeemed live in heaven?

Many people have the idea that the para-dise spoken of in the Bible is a place in hea-ven. In fact, the Bible testifies that there is a place invisible and inaccessible to us hu-mans called "heaven." Both the angels of God and the Lord Jesus, who ascended to God after his resurrection from the dead, have access to this place, where he has been sitting on God's right side ever since. On the other hand, the Bible teaches that dead people will only be raised from the dead when Jesus returns at the end of this world.

In addition, the people who attain eternal life will not live in heaven but on earth in the coming age. For from the beginning it was the earth that God gave to humanity as an inheritance. But because humanity has selfishly destroyed and exploited God's creation and filled the earth with suffering and injustice, God has promised that he wants to create a new paradise on earth where there will be no more suffe-ring, illness or death where all people can live safely and in peace for all eternity. Because that's how it corresponds to God's plan from the beginning. One day nature will also shine anew in its original beauty and diversity.


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