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We are Christians from all over the world. What unites us is our faith in the one living God, our love for this wonderful Creator and the expectation of eternal life to which every person is called through faith in Jesus Christ. Each of us can tell our own personal story with God, how we can experience God's love and miracles every day in our lives.


We view the Bible as God's word, which is

also our common basis for life. Through it

we learn to understand God and his will

and to implement it in our lives every day.


Our common concern is to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ with other people and thus give everyone the opportunity to get to know their Creator and Father and thus find the true purpose

of their life.


Through this website we want to offer readers the opportunity to find answers

to various questions about God and the Christian faith. The title of the website "yios" (Greek: "huios") means SON and stands for Jesus Christ, whom the Bible reveals to us as the Son of God and who is at the center

of the Good News of the Gospel.



About us:



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