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History of mankind

according to the bible

From the Fall of Man to the Age of the New Earth

ca. 6000 years ago

God creates heaven and earth and the first humans. People live in paradise in unity with God.

Adam and Eve, the first humans, are seduced into sin by Satan the Devil. People lose eternal life and have to leave paradise.

God promises for the first time a Savior for fallen humanity and the end of Satan.

People are multiplying and increasingly populating the earth.

Cain kills his brother Abel; the first murder in human history. Satan's dominion over people is spreading.




ca. 5000 years ago


People are acting more and more selfishly and refusing to give up their sins. Suffering and distress on earth are increasing.

God destroys ungodly humanity through a worldwide flood. Only Noah and his family, who are loyal to God, survive, along with a few animals.

The Earth's landscape changes after the flood. The first large mountains emerge.

God makes a covenant with Noah and promises him His blessing. But sin is not yet overcome.

People multiply again, but only few obey God's commandments.


Satan tricks people into making their own "gods" and worshiping them.

The proud people come together to build a tower in Babel that will reach to heaven. But God confuses their language so that no one understands the other and the plan fails. People scatter all over the world and form the first clans and tribes.

God divides the earth. The continents emerge.

ca. 4000 years ago

God calls Abram, whom He names Abraham. God promises Abraham that his descendants will create a great nation from which the promised Savior of humanity will come.

Abraham's grandson Jacob and his wife father twelve sons, from whom the people of Israel - consisting of twelve tribes - emerge.

ca. 3000 years ago

Israel moves to Egypt, where it initially lives as a free people. A few generations later, Pharaoh Ramses II turns the Israelites into slaves and forces them to do hard labor.


Israel calls out to its God. He calls Moses - an Israelite - who grew up in Pharaoh's royal house - to free Israel.

With great signs and wonders, God leads his people Israel out of Egypt through Moses.

God makes a covenant with Israel from which salvation will come to all other nations on earth. God gives the Israelites his law to live by. Furthermore, God promises His people blessings and a fertile land in which the Israelites and their descendants will live in peace and abundance if they obey God's commandments.

With God at their side, the Israelites defeat over 30 pagan kingdoms, whose armies far outnumber them militarily, and conquer their land. Although Israel breaks their covenant with God several times, God fulfills His promise and brings His people to the promised land. that God intended for Israel.


Israel repeatedly turns away from God and his commandments to practice idolatry. Although God calls His people to repentance through prophets, few are willing to serve Him wholeheartedly.


God gives Israel numerous prophecies about the coming Savior through whom God wants to judge the entire earth and finally free it from all evil.


ca. 2000 years ago

When the time is fulfilled, Jesus, the promised Savior of humanity, is born in Bethlehem according to prophecy.

At the age of 33, Jesus is baptized in the Jordan and anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus travels through Israel with his disciples to proclaim eternal life to all who believe his message and turn from their sins. God confirms the message through all kinds of signs and wonders that God does through Jesus.

Jesus lives a sinless life while fulfilling all of the prophecies of Scripture about him.

Although Jesus is innocent, he is betrayed by the leaders of his people, mistreated and sentenced to death on the cross by the decision of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate.

Jesus dies for the sins of all people so that those who turn to God may receive forgiveness for their sins in his name.

According to prophecy, God raises Jesus from the dead on the third day. The risen Jesus appears to his disciples to testify to them that he is alive.

God transfers all power and authority in heaven and earth to Jesus. Then Jesus ascends to God in heaven. Before that, Jesus sends out his apostles with the task of proclaiming his message of salvation to all the nations of the earth.

The last phase of this world time - the end times - begins.

The end times:

The gospel is increasingly spreading throughout the world; despite brutal persecution.

In the name of God, the Catholic papacy commits countless crimes. The Inquisition claims thousands of lives. Many Christians are also among their victims. More and more false prophets are appearing to seduce people with teachings and religions that promise salvation and to distort the truth of the Bible.

Science is becoming increasingly atheistic and attempting to replace God's creation with theories of the Big Bang and evolution.

The last years:

Social trends that contradict the Bible and God's will (for example, abortion, denial of the gender binary, or marriage for all) are taking hold.

More and more traditional churches are rejecting God's word and the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ. Christians who preach the truth of God are increasingly hated and persecuted.

Wars and economic crises are increasing worldwide, as are epidemics and catastrophes.

​All the rulers of the earth transfer their power to a single person who is directly under the influence of Satan. He presents himself as a savior and promises people peace and an end to all misery on earth. In doing so, he overrides God's commandments and instead enacts anti-God laws that are readily accepted by most people. The preaching of the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ is forbidden.


He names Bible-believing Christians as a common enemy and calls all people to fight against God's people under hypocritical pretexts. Eventually he even allows himself to be worshiped as a god. But God strongly warns in His Word that there is no salvation for anyone who submits to Satan's will.

Satan's rule over the world reaches its peak for a short time.

The end:

The time of grace for humanity is over. God will bring about the great judgment described in the book of Revelation on all ungodly people.

Shortly afterwards, Jesus appears in heaven accompanied by thousands of angels to raise the righteous from the dead. Satan and his allies mobilize the largest human army in history to date to fight against Christ and his angels. The army is destroyed, the devil is deposed and Satan's servants are killed by the appearance of Jesus.

Later follows the resurrection of all the ungodly to divine judgment and damnation. The earth and everything on it will perish in fire.

God creates a new earth as a paradise on which all the redeemed live forever and ever as one people in communion with God and in peace with one another. Sickness, injustice and death no longer exist.






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