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We live on a planet of breathtaking beauty in the middle of a gigantic universe full of small and great Miracles. The greatest miracle of all is our life. On the other hand, we find ourselves in a world full of suffering, hatred, indifference and death. What connects all people - regardless of race, origin or gender - is the longing for peace, security, health and a carefree life. But the reality is different....


Despite the increasing technical progress, the living conditions on earth are getting tougher. Wars as well as national or global crises have become commonplace. Violent crimes and other crimes, which are only partially reported on radio and television, are increasing steadily, as is the surveillance of the population.


The exploitation of humans and animals continues unchanged, as does the decline in morals and values ​​in society, especially among children and young people. The gap between rich and poor people and the social division in the country are also growing. In addition, the value of a person seems to be measured only by their work perfor-mance....


The everyday life of many people is characterized by hectic pace and stress, day after day. Hardship, illness and worries overshadow the lives of many. At the same time, the pressure to perform in society is also increasing. While suffering and injustice increase worldwide, respect for people and the environment is decreasing more and more. Human dignity is often only on paper....


The search for meaning and a sustainable goal in life remains unsuccessful for most of them and their existence has no perspective. More and more people live in fear, uncertainty and despair, because the future and the question of whether we will be okay remains uncertain for many. Quite a few fight for survival or fear for their existence....



Emergencies like the corona pandemic show how limited secular systems are in times of crisis and how easily basic and civil rights can be curtailed or invalidated. Many people are increasingly losing confidence in the state and politics. At the same time, resentment is growing in large parts of the people. 

School, media and science, which is seen by many as infallible standards, shape our thinking, our worldview and our judgment considerably.

However, neither the society nor science are able to offer a satisfactory answer to existential questions of every man or an ultimate solution for the countless injustices in this world.


Only death seems to be the only sure thing

in this life...







B U T    W H A T    I F. . .




...there is a way out for all people's fears and worries?


…there is the prospect of an

end of all adversity in this world?



there is hope for a world in where all people live together in peace; a world, where there is justice; where nobody suffers from want; and where neither suffering nor sickness nor pain

will ever be more; a world, where everybody

can enjoy life untroubled?



...there is someone whom we can trust without restriction and who gives our life

meaning and a solid foundation

that nothing can shake?

...there is someone who can completely satisfy the deep inner longing of every person for love, security a fulfilling life

in every respect?



...there is something higher

than what we can see with our eyes

or grasp with our minds?


...there is hope for a future

beyond this life?


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