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sleep disorders



The term sleep disorder refers to impairments in sleep that are caused in various ways. The lack of restorative sleep impairs performance in the short term and can also lead to the deterioration or new occurrence of illnesses in the medium or long term. Sleep disorders reach the level of ill-ness when they are caused physically or psycho-logically and are subjectively perceived as patho-logical by those affected. (source: Wikipedia)


spiritual causes:

Desire for security


way to healing:

I am safe with God, day and night.


I entrust all my fears and worries

to God, my Father.

I thank God for helping me sleep.

I can rest in peace because God is with me.

bible verse:

"I will both lay me down in peace,

and sleep: for only You, Lord,

make me dwell in safety."


(The Bible: Psalm 4, verse 8)    


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